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Cable Glands: Purpose, Use & Key Features

Cable glands, also known as cable connectors, are a device designed to secure the end of the cable. These mechanical entry devices are used in synchronization with cable and wires for the automation system, instrumentation control, and electrical systems. These cable glands are perfect for aiding in protection against dust and water in various industrial applications.

While choosing a cable gland, you must check its diameter; thread dimension, conduit hub size, and Panel Hole size in order to make a right choice. Well, it is also pertinent to buy from the best electronics vendors after checking all the key parameters. When you are choosing the right thread size then you must pay attention to the different thread types as well so as to find the right one for fulfilling your purpose.

You can use the metallic as well as the non-metallic material or the combination of both in order to design a perfect cable gland. Since these cable glands are exposed to extreme temperatures and hence you must choose the cable glands which can handle the extreme temperatures, correctly protecting the equipment they are attached to.

Environmental protection can be provided by the cable glands if you seal the outer cable sheath. The cable glands are also checked so as to make sure that they can withstand the faulty circuit currents. While selecting a cable gland, you must discover the type of cable used; check its construction, size, and material of the cable, and also determine the diameter of the cable. This is done to make sure you are choosing the right cable gland for the protection of your equipment.

While choosing the cable gland you must keep a few things in mind. For example, you must know whether shrouds are required or not and also whether there is any deluge protection requirement or not. Also, check if single walled or double walled cable gland is required for the purpose or not. You must also check if any special environmental requirement in relation to corrosion protection is required or not.

Cable glands are also used for providing earthing, grounding, bonding, insulation, and strain relief. Also, when it comes to cable glands, you cannot rely on the idea, one size fits all. There are different sizes of cable glands available in the market and you must choose the right parameters and sizes so as to ensure that it complies with the environment and  industrial requirements.

The price of the cable glands depends on the kind of material used for its manufacturing whether it is a pure brass, nickel coated brass, stainless steel or aluminum. It is crucial to make an appropriate accessory selection for better safety and performance of the installation. Here is a guide you must follow before buying cable glands. Choose the right electronics store before buying the right cable glands. After checking all the important parameters, you must also keep in mind the affordability of the cable gland before choosing the right one.

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