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Advantages of LEDs When Compared To Traditional Lighting

What is the traditional lighting?

1. Traditional lighting requires a more traditional approach.

2. Traditional lightings are generally evaluated based on the efficiency of the lighting source.

3. The system’s efficiency is measured by the installation of a bare lamp at room temperature.

What is LED lighting?

1. LED stands for – Light Emitting Diode

2. It is a lighting device which uses a more non-traditional approach.

3. They are highly energy efficient and cost effective as well as they use approximately 85% less energy than that of the traditional lights.

4. These LED lights are better for your health as well as soothing for the eyes.


With the changing trends in using more energy-saving lighting products, LED light suppliers in Kuwait always provide products that stand out to be the best and viable solution to all lighting problems. Due to its lightweight products, long lasting and energy efficiency, it has found to be the perfect and most preferred source of lighting. These lights are very powerful and have the capacity to illuminate a large area.


Lighting Suppliers in Kuwait are known to provide lights that are encased in their aluminium structure to ensure that the lights remain well protected from the external wear and tear, thus using a low amount of energy and still being able to provide high efficiency.


Advantages of LED Lighting:


  • Lifespan- This is one of the well-known advantages of LED’s when compared to traditional lighting. The average usage of LED lights is for 100,000 hours approximately which is 4 times more long-lasting than that of traditional lights. Therefore, these lights do not have to be replaced periodically thereby saving money and maintenance costs.


  • Energy Efficiency- LED lights consume a very low amount of energy as the bulb consumes less power which results in almost 60-75% improvement in the energy efficiency when compared to the traditional lights.


  • More Safety- The number one hazard of lights is their emission of heat. LED lights emit almost no heat which also makes them even more efficient. They consume less power and are able to effectively operate on low voltage electrical systems. This proves to be much safer than the traditional lights.


  • Small Powerful Devices- LED lights are extremely small. They are less than a tenth of a single mm2 which makes it adaptable to a various number of lighting applications. These lights are used in traffic signals, mood lighting, residential and commercial property lightings.


  • Design Flexibility- LED lights being physically so small can be virtually used in any applications that you can think of. They can even be combined with a number of traditional lights, used as small light devices or even be strung out in a linear fashion.


  • The absence of UV emission- LED lights emits their energy in three areas:
  • 1. A majority of their energy in the visible spectrum
  • 2. A small amount in the infrared spectrum and
  • 3. Almost zero amount in the ultraviolet spectrum.
  • 4. This means that LED lights are able to illuminate with safety.


  • Environmentally Safe- LED lights are safe for the environment as they don’t contain a mercury-based solution in their lights, unlike traditional lights.


  • Require Low Voltage- LED lights require less voltage which makes them suitable for outdoor lighting applications as well. By connecting these lights to an external form of solar energy it can be used in both remote and rural areas well.


  • LED Lights Operate in any given Temperatures- LED lights operate in both hot and cold temperatures without showing any significant degradation. These lights are extremely durable as they are built with long-lasting components that can withstand under any conditions.


These LED Light Fitting in Kuwait guarantees good quality products at reasonable prices which can be used in business centres, homes, outdoors and in many more settings. LED suppliers in Kuwait will ensure that you purchase certified lights and experienced electricians to install those lights safely.


With the above-listed benefits, these LED lights are increasingly becoming more popular as it is safer, environmentally friendly, cheaper and highly energy efficient than other traditional lights. It is not only reasonable than other lights, but it also saves a lot of amount on the electricity bill as well making it cost effective.


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